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First Love Blues

Yes this is a cliche love post from a teenage girl, its in my blood. My first love came to me in the form of a tall blonde haired- blue eyed boy who became my best friend. Summer before freshman year we started dating, we went to different high schools though we lived down the street from each other, we had different friends and the 2 years we were together had plenty of ups and downs. They say your first love never fades, I’m starting to believe that its true. We didn’t stay in touch the 2 years after we broke up, but it was the little things he did that still made my day, every year I’ve known him at midnight the day of my birthday he has text me even if that was the only time we spoke all year, I took it. A few months ago he contacted me, we met for coffee and spent 5 hours talking, it wasn’t enough time but Starbucks is only open until 11. He told me he’s leaving in July for the Navy, ever since then I can’t seem to get all our old memories out of my mind, I just want to spend all the time that I can with him, is that so wrong? The words that have been shared between he and I, I take them to heart, they still mean the world to me, he still means the world to me. 

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